Park, Recreation & Open Space (PRO) Plan

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PRO) Plan helps guide the City in the planning and developing, management, programming and funding for all of Sammamish’s parks, recreation facilities, trails, open space as well as recreation and cultural arts programs. The Plan documents the current status of City of Sammamish parks, open space and recreation facilities and develops a blueprint for the creation and preservation of additional amenities. In addition, the Plan describes the present state and future vision for recreation opportunities throughout the Sammamish community.

The most recent PRO plan was approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission and adopted by the City Council in May of 2012. It is an appendix in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The City is currently updating the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan and is slated for adoption in Spring of 2018. There will be a variety of opportunities for public comment throughout the process.

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