Klahanie Park Master Plan


Project Update:

The master plan process is now underway! The City finished three rounds of public outreach and presented the preferred master plan to City Council in 2019. During the December meeting, City Council voted that the master plan be put on hold until the completion of the 2020 Athletic Field Study, which investigated existing field capacity and provide recommendations for the prioritization of future field improvements. The preferred plan was re-introduced to City Council in January 2022 and Council voted to move forward with the preferred plan and authorized staff to begin the SEPA review process. The SEPA process is anticipated to be complete in Summer 2022. Once the SEPA review process is complete, staff will return to City Council for adoption of the final master plan report.


A master plan is a conceptual design that is used as a guiding document for implementing future improvements at a park. A master plan is a multi-step process that receives input and direction from the public, City Council, and Parks & Recreation Commission. During the early stages of this process, long-term goals and objectives will be established to guide the development of design alternatives. Once design alternatives have been refined in to a final conceptual design, the next step is to determine a phasing and implementation schedule, based on recommended priorities from the public, City Council, and Parks & Recreation Commission. It is important to note that a master plan is conceptual and continues to be refined during the design phase, which can take several years to implement.


A total of $250,000 is allocated in the 2018-2019 Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) budget for the Klahanie Park Master Plan, which includes all planning and design costs.

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