Update on Sammamish PD Officer fired upon by resident during routine welfare check

Release Date: July 14, 2020


As the King County Sheriff’s Office reported last week, a Sammamish Police Department officer was fired upon by a resident during a routine welfare check late Thursday night. Fortunately, the bullet narrowly missed him. We have additional information about the well-being of the officer.

Because of the close proximity of the gun being fired, the officer suffered some headache and hearing issues immediately after the incident. 

“He did a great job in creating distance and slowing things down, which allowed the subject to be taken into custody without further incident,” said Sammamish Chief of Police, Daniel M. Pingrey. “This easily could have ended differently, but the officer’s training kicked in and his response was appropriate, preventing any further injuries.” 

The officer was placed on paid administrative leave to allow for him and his family to recover and reset. This is standard practice whenever an officer is involved in any type of critical incident.

The subject involved was booked on assault first degree charges into the King County jail.