Sammamish Police Department Policies, Training Information, and Resources

Release Date: June 18, 2020

A Message from Sammamish Chief of Police, Daniel M. Pingrey

The City of Sammamish in partnership with the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) contracts for police services. This means that all Sammamish PD officers are held accountable to the Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures. Those can be found here:

Most of the answers to questions from the public regarding policies and procedures can be found in the General Orders Manual. This document is constantly being updated to stay current with best practices. All KCSO employees/Sammamish Officers have had training on procedural justice, bias awareness, de-escalation, trauma-informed interviewing, law enforcement medical response, crisis intervention, and other related topics. This training is also continues to evolve to keep up with best practices.

All KCSO employees/Sammamish Officers are required to document any violations of policy that they observe or is reported to them. If you want to see a summary of past administrative investigations you can look here:

Information about how to report compliments and complaints about KCSO employees/Sammamish Officers can be found here:

The Office of Law enforcement Oversight (OLEO) is a King County department that, “represents the interests of the public in its efforts to hold the King County Sheriff’s Office accountable for providing fair and just police services.” On the OLEO website you can find links to audits, reviews, investigations, and other reports that may address some of your concerns. The OLEO website can be found here:

We hope these links assist people with many of the questions they may have in regards to their police services and accountability. Changes will automatically be updated in the links.


Daniel M. Pingrey

Chief of Police

City of Sammamish