Release Date: June 17, 2020

Last night, the City Council voted to hire Dave Rudat as City Manager.

Mr. Rudat joined the City of Sammamish as Interim City Manager on February 19, 2020. He brings with him nearly 40 years of leadership and management experience in local and county governments. He has served as City Manager, Public Works Director, and Fire Chief over his long career in public service. He held the position of City Manager at the City of Orange, California for a decade. Prior to joining the City of Sammamish, Mr. Rudat served as a special advisor / consultant and Interim Director / City Manager with at least six different municipalities and counties in California.

Joining in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Rudat has impressed the Council with his administrative and leadership strengths. He got right to work, making a positive impact by listening and supporting City staff. With COVID-19, he immediately instituted a work-from-home policy for City staff, prioritizing safety and wellness.

“I reached out to about eight staff who work closely with Mr. Rudat to get feedback,” said Councilmember Kent Treen. “Staff described Mr. Rudat as embodying integrity and professionalism, that his expertise in public service is benefitting staff and the City, and that he is a strong leader and a straight shooter.”

“As elected officials, we cannot accomplish the objectives residents elected us for without the work of City staff,” said Mayor Karen Moran. “The Council wants to thank City staff for continuing to produce their high quality of work, despite gaps and turnover in leadership over the past few years. Dave’s appointment will provide the consistency and stability needed for the City staff to continue their excellent work in serving the City.”

At least nine references, all from persons with titles such as City Manager, Fire Chief, and Personnel Director, were procured when the Council decided to hire Mr. Rudat as Interim City Manager. According to Mayor Moran, “all references were stellar, speaking not only to his experience, but his character.”

Quoting from the reference supplied by Ed Rodriguez, Fire Chief, City of Alameda in California: “I couldn’t say enough good things about Dave. I worked with him as both an interim fire chief and interim city manager, and he does a phenomenal job... kind of the old wise guy in the room, very level-headed and even-keeled, and able to see through things and kind of find common ground and collaboration. If you need help righting the ship and getting yourself on a good track, he would be an outstanding addition to your community. I couldn’t give Dave a higher glowing recommendation.”

Quoting from the reference supplied by Lance Calkins, Fire Chief, City of Albany in California: “I think the world of Dave, based on facts and real world work experience. He is a great leader with an uncanny ability to work with all stakeholders. Dave brings people together and will go out of his way to include everyone’s point of view into the discussion. He is a smart person, a good problem solver, is open-minded and has no ego. He has a tremendous work ethic and loves putting in the hours to get the job done. He knows how to be strict and stern… doesn’t play games. He is the ultimate professional. I would only put my name behind 2 or 3 people, and Dave is one of those.”

“The City of Sammamish is fortunate to have Mr. Rudat as its City Manager,” said Mayor Karen Moran. “After working alongside him for these past four months, we have absolutely no hesitation in bringing on Mr. Rudat on a permanent basis. The City of Sammamish is already seeing the benefits of having Mr. Rudat at the helm.”

Mr. Rudat’s appointment to City Manager of the City of Sammamish is effective today.

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