Statement from the Sammamish City Council

Release Date: June 02, 2020

During an extremely disruptive and deadly pandemic, The Sammamish City Council was deeply saddened and shocked to see the horrific video documenting the senseless death of George Floyd. The tragic killing of yet another person of African descent by a white officer sworn to serve and protect all of us is unacceptable. Such an injustice is not a value that the City of Sammamish and its leadership will ever promote or silently condone.

We know that families in Sammamish have experienced cruelty and indignity in the community and schools because of their ethnicity or race. As a city, we must all stand and speak out for equity, respect, and justice. As a city we must continue to focus on creating a more inclusive environment where all residents are safe, welcomed, and valued.

Over this past week and weekend, concerned Americans exercised their fundamental right to protest only to see the moment hijacked by individuals seeking to create chaos and loot. However, we cannot let the actions of a few stain the important message of justice and equality that we must embrace. We need to unite against the forces of prejudice, racism, and tyranny.

The City of Sammamish values respect, integrity and service. We are committed to creating a safe, equitable, inclusive, and respectful community. A community that promotes justice for all our residents. In this regard, we must have courageous conversations about race and deeply examine, identify, and remove barriers that create systemic inequity in any aspect of our community.

Now more than ever, our community must practice compassion and collaboration as we overcome the challenges of the health crisis and systemic injustice. We encourage you to take time to communicate with your children, families, friends, and colleagues about your feelings regarding the tragic death of George Floyd.

The City of Sammamish cares about the needs of our residents and staff. As we continue to make Sammamish a safe and supportive city while celebrating our differences, we ask all residents to work together to make sure all residents have the help they need to be safe and feel supported.

Working together,

Sammamish City Council