A Message from Sammamish PD Chief of Police Dan Pingrey

Release Date: June 02, 2020

A note to our Sammamish community from Chief Dan Pingrey:

I have been monitoring the situation in Seattle and across the county and have been in constant contact with Sammamish PD staff, our City Manager, and Councilmembers.

What happened to Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis is unconscionable, and I do not have words to adequately describe my outrage and frustration at the actions of the officer and the inaction of those officers who stood by and failed to intervene. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. Floyd.

I have been involved in law enforcement for the past 34 years, and my father was also a law enforcement professional. I learned early on that our actions reflect on all of law enforcement officers. It is incumbent upon each one of us to remain professional and to treat everyone with respect, regardless of the circumstance. Our mission has always been and remains to protect and serve. What happened in Minneapolis violated all of those tenets and is unacceptable.

The Sammamish Police understand the frustration felt by so many and respect individuals' rights to protest and exercise their free speech. We will support our community in that effort if they choose to do so and keep all of you safe during that endeavor. 

The violence and destructive behavior that has recently taken place throughout our region is a travesty. It only takes away from the message that peaceful protesters are trying to make and does not allow our community and our society to move forward and heal.

Each of us needs to look at what we do, what we say, and how we act and treat each other. Racism has no place in our society and breeds nothing but hate and discontent. It will not be tolerated in the City of Sammamish, regardless of the reason. Respect and open communication will be the tools used by Sammamish Police to ensure we treat everyone in a fair and equitable manner.

Sammamish Police Officers are well trained and continue to train in the areas of bias based awareness, Crisis Intervention, de-escalation, and other less lethal tools to ensure safe and effective contacts. We will continue to provide education and tools to our officers to keep them and the public safe.

We appreciate everyone’s support and will continue to work hard at earning your respect and serving you well!




Daniel M. Pingrey

Chief of Police

City of Sammamish