Tamarack Drainage Improvements


Sammamish City Council approved the design contract for the Tamarack Drainage Improvements Project. The projects scope is to improve stormwater facilities within a portion of the Tamarack Neighborhood. This project is located in the vicinity of NE 4th Street between 211th Pl NE and 208th Place NE, with a connection to the existing drainage facilities in Louis Thompson Hill Road. In addition to drainage improvements, a trail connection through the project site to Louis Thomson Road is among the possible future plans to be discussed.


Install stormwater facilities in Tamarack.


The draft downstream analysis of the project has been received and in review (5/1/2016).

The City collected right of entry agreements for the project from the property owners of Tamarack.

Public Involvement

The first public meeting has held on 9th of March, there were no objections on installing the stormwater drainage system. The City asked for the right of entry agreements from impacted parcel owners.


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