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The City of Sammamish is currently working with our consultant Transmap Corporation to conduct a pavement condition assessment of all the roadway in Sammamish.  Transmap's team has vehicles that are retrofitted with sensors, lasers and GPS tracking capabilities that drive every lane mile of road in our pavement network and all collect pavement distresses (i.e. cracking, settling, raveling, etc.).  This information will be delivered to the City during the summer of 2021 and will be inputted into the City's pavement management software, PAVER.  This information will allow the City and Transmap to create our next 5-year pavement preservation plan for 2022 to 2026.

Sammamish will begin exploring additional pavement management technics as part of our 5-year preservation plan that go beyond our traditional yearly overlay.  These different technics may include various types of sealing that other agencies in western Washington have found to be successful for extending the life of their pavement at lower overall costs than a typical 1.5" or 2" overlay.

The City does not plan to have our traditional yearly overlay work for 2021 because our focus is on getting 228th Avenue between SE 8th St and NE 8th St prepared for paving in 2022.  The prep work on 228th Avenue is extensive in comparison to the traditional curb ramp work that has been done in the months leading up to neighborhood overlays and there is not a long enough dry weather season to completed the curb ramp work and paving in the same year.

Current Active project

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Updated: BR 8.19.21


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