George Davis Creek Fish Passage Project

Picture of George Davis Sediment Pond at ELSP.jpg

Project Summary


This capital project supports stormwater flows and the regional effort to improve Kokanee salmon populations in Lake Sammamish. The City will remove a stormwater bypass system and barriers to fish migration from the lake to a point beyond East Lake Sammamish Parkway NE. The project will install fish-passable culverts beneath ELSP, the King County regional trail, and East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane NE. The project will also replace storm drains with an open channel draining to Lake Sammamish. Additional information can be found on Connect Sammamish.

King County remains a critical partner in this project.  Upcoming improvements to the Lake Sammamish Trail require the County to replace the culverts that route George Davis Creek beneath the trail.  Additionally, King County will replace the culvert beneath East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane NE.



September 2020: The City continues to work with a consulting team led by PBS Engineering and Environmental for design expertise of this project.  PBS recently issued draft plans and specifications (60% complete) and will incorporate comments from the City and other stakeholders before issuing 90% complete documents in mid-November. PBS also submitted application documents to the Corps of Engineers and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for the required State and Federal permits.  Sammamish will conduct shorelines and environmental review after permit applications are submitted to the City in October.  

City staff will also conduct additional public outreach to neighbors and the general public this fall.  This effort will provide the community with a greater understanding of the project and explain how it may impact residents.



May 2018 City requested proposals (RFP) from qualified consultants
July 2018 City awards contract for preliminary design (Phase 1) to PBS
Spring 2019

Following public outreach, stakeholder meetings, data review and, preliminary design; first phase concludes with determination of preferred alternative

March 2019 City acquires property to construct open stream between Shore Lane and Lake Sammamish
June 2019 City awards contract for permitting and final design (Phase 2) to PBS
Fall 2019 - Fall 2021 Preliminary engineering design, geotechnical investigations, property acquisition
Winter 2021 - Fall 2022 Final engineering design, easements and property acquisition, utility coordination, permitting, and environmental studies
Winter 2022 Bid and Award 
2023 Anticipated Construction



Preliminary design efforts cost $90,000, and final design will total approximately $550,000.  Construction is estimated to cost $2.5M.  Sammamish also paid $4M for property to rebuild the stream between Lake Sammamish and Shore Lane.  Approximately 65% of the purchase price will be covered by grants

This project will be funded through a mix of State and regional grants, and Surface Water Fees collected through the City’s stormwater utility.


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