East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane Reconstruction

Project Summary

The City of Sammamish is soliciting interest and qualifications from firms with expertise in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Land Surveying, Planning, Design and Construction to perform preliminary engineering and prepare final project plans, specifications, and cost estimates for our East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane Project project.

This project is to reconstruct approximately a 900’ section of East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane SE (Shore Lane) from SE 33rd St to the gate entering the property of 3611 East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane SE. Shore Lane is a residential street west of East Lake Sammamish Parkway that services 14 homes. The exact location is outlined in the ‘Vicinity Map’, Attachment B. The street exists in CITY right-of-way between residential properties on the west and King County right-of-way for the trail on the east. The road is not built to current CITY standards and is approximately only 18’ wide with very thin layers of HMA and base courses.

Shore Lane currently is the lowest rated street by PCI in Sammamish. The entire street contains heavy alligator cracking and the southern 450’ has significant settlement issues. Geotechnical inspection found the southern portion of the road is built on top of layers of organic material including peat and sawdust dating back to when the area was used as a sawmill. The depths of organic layers are unverified but may be multiple feet deep from preliminary street coring done in early 2021. The initial recommendation of the geotechnical engineer was to rebuild the roadway cross section for the southern half of the street above a layer of lightweight fill material. The base material on the northern half is of less concern and only a new pavement layer was recommended during the same exploration.

This project concept is straightforward, but there are known complexities that the CONSULT will need to work through. The following is not to be considered a full list of complexities but highlights the currently known challenges.

  • Running costs analysis on lightweight fill vs. excavating out organic materials.
  • Permitting requirements since the work is in close proximity to Lake Sammamish.
  • Unrecorded stormwater systems and likely need to expand / improve the existing system.
  • Reestablishing the flowline of the road to remove ponding / puddling.
  • Private well waterline for the street that is shallow and needs to be upgraded. Consultant will either need to work with residents’ designer for the upgrade or will need to design the upgrade as part of this project depending on the residents’ preferred approach.
  • Tying into existing driveway elevations and / or working on driveway approaches.
  • Construction staging to allow for residents to continue to have access to their property.
  • Tight ROW between existing residential properties on the west and King County property on the east.
  • Per geotechnical engineer, work will need to occur in the late summer months because of the existing soil conditions.

The final product of this contract will be for the CITY to have a useable, construction ready plan set, specification package and engineer’s estimate for the reconstruction of East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane SE in time to be construction ready in July 2023.

Original Request for Qualifications

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS - East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane (.pdf)

ADVERTISEMENT - East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane (.pdf)

Questions / Clarifications / Addenda

Question and Clarifications #1 - Posted 12/22/2021 (.PDF)


Proposed Timeline

Schedule of Events


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Formal solicitation

Dec. 16, 21 & 28, 2021

Advertised in the Seattle Times and Daily Journal of Commerce

Deadline for questions

Jan 5, 2022
by 2:00 PM PST

Submit questions in .pdf form to City Project Manager by e-mail only. Questions will be answered as soon as possible.

City final response to questions

Jan. 6, 2022

Questions and responses will be posted on the project website listed below under Questions & Clarifications

Proposals due

Jan. 13, 2022
by 2:00 PM PST

Proposals must be delivered or mailed and received prior to posted date/time.

Consultant Selected

Jan. 21, 2022

UPDATED 1/21/22 - Additional review time is needed to staff. Notice of selection will be during the week of 1/24. Thank you for understanding.


Additional review time may be needed. Please follow webpage schedule for updates. If necessary, interviews will take place on Feb. 8, 2022.

Complete contract negotiations

Feb. 8, 2022


Contract Awarded by City Council

Mar. 1, 2022

Will be extended to next available Council Meeting if additional negotiation time is needed.

Anticipated project start

Mar. 7, 2022


Contact Information


City of Sammamish
c/o Benjamin Ressler
801 228th Avenue SE
Sammamish, WA  98075

Complete submittals are required to be delivered by the date and time (Pacific Standard) listed above in the Proposed Timeline section. Emailed or faxed submittals will not be considered.


Project Manager:  Ben Ressler, P.E.
Phone Number: (425) 295-0574
Email Address:  bressler@sammamish.us  

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