SE 14th Street Extension

SE 14th Street is currently a private road serving residents in the Coyote Country development that has existed since the late 1950's.  The roadway is currently gravel and approximately 12 to 15-feet wide.  The western portion of SE 14th Street is currently being developed by Buchan Homes as a new subdivision, Lawson Park, consisting of 31 single family residences.  As a result of this new development, a new connection will be established creating a link between 242nd Drive SE in the Renaissance Ridge subdivision and SE 14th Street in Coyote Country.

The City's direction to proceed with extending SE 14th Street was initiated following the Lawson Park Preliminary Plat hearing in January 2013.  At the March 5, 2013 Council Council meeting staff received authorization to construct the missing gap of SE 14th Street between the Lawson Park subdivision and 247th Avenue SE.  City Staff presented an update to City Council at the September 16, 2013 meeting

Proposed Roadway Connection
With the Lawson Park development moving forward, it was recognized that there is a need to improve the remaining 500 foot gravel section along SE 14th Street.  The City was not able to require these improvements as a part of the Lawson Park development's conditions of approval.  Therefore, the City is initiating this work

A neighborhood meeting was held on Thursday, September 12, 2013.  Fifteen interested citizens attended.
The purpose of the meeting was to:
     • Answer questions asked by neighbors at the September 3rd Council meeting
     • Share draft construction plans and solicit specific comments and concerns from neighbors
     • Share available accident data for both 248th/Windsor Blvd and for 242nd Avenue SE

Based on resident input, Council directed staff to revise the proposed improvements as follows:
   • 30- foot paved roadway consisting of two 10-foot travel lanes and two 5-foot shoulders
   • 5-foot compacted gravel walking
   • Enclosed drainage

Schedule - Updated 9/3/14
   • Design:  Complete
   • Construction:  Pending litigation, anticipate beginning work in Spring 2015
   • Post-Construction Monitoring:  Ongoing once construction is complete.  The City will initiate the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) for the SE 14th Street/242nd Drive SE corridor

Existing Traffic Conditions - Added 11/8/13
Existing traffic volume and speed data was collected in October 2013 at the following locations.  Additional data will be collected after the SE 14th Street extension is opened to traffic.
   • Windsor Boulevard SE, south of SE 9th Place
   • 242nd Drive SE, south of SE 10th Place
   • 248th Avenue SE, south of SE 14th Street
   • 248th Avenue SE, between SE 24th Street and SE 19th Street
A summary of the data collected is shown in the figure below.

SE 14th St Traffic Studies - October 2013 - REDUCED 75.jpg
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