Start a Neighborhood Block Watch


Neighborhood Block Watch is a system designed to encourage neighbors to look out for each other and reduce crime by reporting suspicious activity and crime.

Whether it’s called Neighborhood Watch, Block Watch, or Crime Watch, it helps create the very best crime device invented: neighbors watching your home as well as their own.

Block Watch is the most successful anticrime program in the country. It’s the most effective (and least expensive) tool to make sure we have the safe, pleasant environment we all want for our families.

Most police agencies are ready and willing to help neighbors learn how to prevent crime and how to be the “extra eyes and ears” for police. One major city started the Block Watch program more than 20 years ago. The police department kept track of crime in the neighborhoods the first year. Where there were Block Watch groups, residential crime dropped 40 percent!

Block Watch Works!!

If you are interested in registering your neighborhood for a Block Watch meeting or would like more information regarding this program, please email Sergeant Christine Elias at

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