Glossary of Terms


  • Abatement: A process by which the City of Sammamish removes Nuisance conditions on a property. Abatement may be performed with a warrant if the Nuisance is on private property, or without a warrant if the nuisance is on public right-of-way or an imminent threat to life safety.
  • Appeal: A request by the property owner to the DCD Director or Hearing Examiner to re-evaluate any part of a Notice of Violation, Civil Penalty, or Voluntary Compliance Agreement.
  • Civil Penalties: A fine issued by the City of Sammamish to the property owner as a result of non-compliance with property corrections.
  • Hearing Process: The process in which the City pursues legal action to abate a property or remove a building in violation. The hearing is conducted by the Hearing Examiner who makes a decision about the course of resolution for the case.
  • Notice and Order: Represents a determination that a civil code violation has occurred and that the person named therein is responsible for correcting the violation, as well as the other penalties and remedies specified in the Notice and Order. Notice and Orders can be issued at any time during the Code Compliance process. Typically, this step is taken after exhausting voluntary compliance efforts. Notice and Orders are subject to appeal and are recorded on title.
  • Notice of Violation:  Written communication to the property owner detailing code violations, the City process for pursuing compliance, and the property owner's rights.
  • Notice to Comply: Provides a description of a violation, the code violated, a deadline to comply, and what a person must do to resolve the violation on a voluntary basis.
  • Public Record Request: A public record is any record containing information relating to the conduct of government business, which is prepared, owned, used, or retained by an agency. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic media, paper, email, microfilm audiotapes, videotapes, magnetic tapes, and disks (CDs/DVDs). Public records may be obtained from the City by request.
  • Right-of-Way: Includes the area of land, the right of possession of which is secured by the City for right-of-way purposes and includes the traveled portion of the public streets and alleys, as well as border area, which includes, but is not limited to, any sidewalks, driveway approaches, planting strips, traffic circles, parkways, or medians, or area between the sidewalk and the curb line.
  • Stop Work Order (SWO): A written order specifying code violations and prohibiting any work or other activity at a particular site.
  • Voluntary Compliance Agreement (VCA): A written contract between the person responsible for the violation and the City, under which such person agrees to abate the violation within a specified time and according to specified conditions.
  • Warrant: The process in which a Superior Court Judge issues permission for the City to abate nuisance conditions on a property or demolish a building.
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