frequently asked questions

  • How do I report a suspected code violation?
    • Complaints may be reported using our Code Violation Report form. When filing a report, be sure to include the following information:
      • Address, telephone number, and email of the person making the complaint;
      • A clear description of the nature of the alleged violation;
      • Address of the alleged violation and the name of the alleged violator (if known);
      • Any other pertinent information (photos or plans);
      • For Construction Noise Complaints: Time and date stamped photos and/or video proof of violation as it occurs is required.
    • For non-emergency complaints:
      • Complaints that are considered a police matter should be reported by calling the King County Sheriff's Office 24-hour communications line at (206)296-3311, or by reporting online.

  • If I file a complaint, will my name be confidential?
    • Not necessarily. Complaints submitted to the City constitute a public record and may be subjected to disclosure under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). In addition, your name is required so we can keep you informed of the process of the investigation and/or request further information as needed.

  • What happens after my complaint is filed?
    • After we receive a complaint, we send a Code Compliance Officer to the property to see whether there is a violation If we do not find a violation, the Officer closes the case with no further action. 

      If a violation is found, the Officer will inform the property owner and/or the person responsible for the violation by issuing a Notice to Comply. This Notice provides a description of a violation, the code violated, a deadline to comply, and what a person must do to resolve the violation on a voluntary basis. Property owners will be given a schedule with deadlines for compliance. These deadlines are based on time frames met by a typical permit applicant to complete tasks or a reasonable timeframe as determined by the Code Compliance Officer to correct the violation. Failure to meet any deadlines will result in additional enforcement such as issuance of a Notice and Order and/or Administrative Civil Penalties.

      Violations that are underway when an Officer visits the property, will result in a "Stop Work Order" being issued. 

      Depending on the type of violation, the property owner/violator may be given a certain amount of time to fix the problem before being subject to penalties. 

      A follow-up inspection on or after the deadline date is given in the Notice to Comply will occur. If compliance has been met and verified by the Code Compliance Officer, the case can be closed.

      If the property owner/violator has failed to correct the violation by the deadline date given in the Notice to Comply, you may be able to request an extension in writing. If it is not corrected in a reasonable amount of time, the case may be referred to the City Attorney's office for further review. We will continue to conduct inspections and fines will continue to accumulate until the matter is resolved.

  • My deadline to comply is approaching and need more time, what can I do?
    • A Code Compliance Officer may grant a time extension for correcting a violation or may modify the conditions for corrective action, if:
      • The person responsible for the violation has shown due diligence or substantial progress towards correcting the violations; and
      • Unforeseen circumstances delayed correction under the original conditions; and
      • The person responsible for the violation requests in writing and establishes a clear need for a time extension or modification of the original conditions.

  • How do I report on-street parking violations?
    • On-street parking violations including abandoned vehicles, RVs on the street, and parking on sidewalks are addressed by the King County Sheriff's Office. You can contact the King County Sheriff's 24-hour communications line at (206)296-3311, or by reporting online (for non-emergent crimes).

  • Where can I report barking dogs?
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