Regional Committees

2022 Sammamish City Council Committees

SCA-Appointed Regional Committees:

Emergency Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)

  • Karen Moran (Alternate)

King County Flood Control District Advisory Committee (KCFCDAC)

  • Karen Moran

Regional Transit Committee (RTC)

  • Christie Malchow


Council-Appointed Regional Committees:

A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) Liaisons

  • Karen Howe
  • Amy Lam (Alternate)

Eastside Fire and Rescue - Board of Directors

  • Kali Clark
  • Karen Moran
  • Karen Howe (Alternate)

Eastside Fire and Rescue - Finance and Administrative Committee

  • [TBD by EFR Board]

Eastside Transportation Partnership (ETP)

  • Kent Treen
  • Karen Howe
  • Kali Clark (Alternate)

Kokanee Working Group (KWG)

  • Christie Malchow
  • Kent Treen (Alternate)

Salmon Recovery Council - Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 8

  • Christie Malchow
  • [Vacant] (Alternate)

SCA Public Issues Committee

  • Amy Lam
  • Kent Treen (Alternate)

YMCA Advisory Board

  • Karen Howe
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