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Catherine Freudenberg

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Would like all records from personal devices and accounts from 1/1/2022 through today's date sent to/from Kent Treen, Christie Malchow (up to and including her final day), Karen Moran (up to and including the date at which time she was advised that she had resigned - this date was later than the date in her resignation later per previous records rec'd), Dave Rudat (up to and including his last day), Scott MacColl and David Pyle. Emails, text, chat, etc. from all external channels for communication including but not limited to: WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, Telegram, etc. Include all communications, voicemail recordings, voice to text, copies of telephone call logs/ lists of calls, to include but not limited to WeChat etc channels.

Status Detail

10/3/2022- Sent five day response. Estimated installment 10/17/22. AA 10/12/2022-Sent installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 10/26/2022. AA 10/26/2022- Emailed that City is awaiting N.A's. Estimated installment date 11/26/2022. AA 11/23/2022-Emailed that the City is awaiting outstanding N.A's. AA