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Paul Stickney

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Hello PRR Team, I am requesting a list of all names and related documents/texts/voicemails associated persons interested and/or considered for filling the Deputy City Manager position. Scott MacCool was hired as Deputy City Manager by then City Manager Dave Rudat. Rephrasing for clarity, I am requesting the names and communications to/from all persons talked to by the City regarding the Deputy City Manager position that ultimately led to the hiring of Scott MacCool. Please contact me for any questions/clarifications.

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10/3/2022-Sent five day response. Estimated installment 10/17/2022. AA 10/17/2022-Updated installment date 10/19/2022. AA 10/19/2022-Sent installment via Hightail link. Estimated next installment 11/8/22.AA 11/8/2022-Sent installment via Hightail link. Estimated next installment 12/2/2022. AA 12/1/2022-Sent installment via Hightail. AA