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I am seeking additional information regarding the Property, 2412 212th Ave SE regarding some unpermitted work and notices filed by your department in association with Case No: CVC 05-00085. I am a representative from the homeowner's title insurance company investigating on their behalf. Per my review of the recorded notices, there are 3 which regard the permitting case mentioned above: 1) Document: 2006310001554 regarding the initial notice for the following items: The addition on the north side of the dwelling unit was built without obtaining a building permit from the City. The addition is located within a Class 2 stream buffer which does not meet set back requirements. 2) Document: 2015042700765 – stating the Property “contains sensitive areas and/sensitive buffer areas” 3) Document: 2015042700766 – stating the Property “contains an unpermitted structure” and the structure is “addition to the existing single family dwelling unit” constructed on the “Northside of the existing single family residential dwelling unit” My questions are the following: 1) Can you clarify what is the addition to the existing single family dwelling unit the City found? There is a shed on the northwest portion of the property, but it is an unattached structure. Is the addition part of the residency, or another building? 2) Further, are the subsequent notices in 2015 provided to show the notice from 2006 still encumbers the property and the items have not been addressed or were there further updates on the file?

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8/22/2022-Requested clarification. Referred to code compliance. AA