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Loretta Tinker

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  1. Status updates with respect to the case number CVC2022-00173
  2. Any and all documents related to the case number CVC2022-00173
  3. All Project Guidance Forms submitted over the prior two years for either King County Parcel 3575300142 or  Parcel number 3575300143


Barb Canfield is assigned to look into what regulations are for installing a boat lift on the shoreline of East Lake Sammamish, a rec lot, parcel number 3575300142. Neighbors were looking for neighborhood consensus on where to place it. There are already two boat lifts on their property. An old one being removed and a new one installed. They are adding a second new one. Also have a new tiny home built on the property. Thank you, Loretta Tinker

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8/22/2022-Emailed request for clarification. AA 8/31/2022- Emailed record via Hightail link. AA