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Seeking BUCHAN SE 14TH PLAT or possibly BRETON Plat, draft and/or final, and Examiner's recommendation/decision (see plat info below for addresses, parcel numbers, some project numbers found on MyBuildingPermit). If you can link us to the Staff Report and other documents that would be helpful also. Re PLAT: “William E Buchan” or “William E Buchan Inc” is listed as taxpayer for Parcels 022406-9117, -9118 and -9152, addressed respectively as 24617 SE 14th St., 1425 247th Ave SE, and 24525 SE 14th St. Apparently Buchan has platted/subdivided those three parcels and has already completed the sewer and water installation in the streets. Sammamish Plateau Water identifies those three lots on their recent Sewer Latecomer Reimbursement Map as the “Buchan SE 14th Plat.” No such plat comes up at the recorder’s website (nor any plat for “Buchan” since 2013 in Bothell). However, Sammamish does show permit applications such as PFR2022-00045, ROW2019-05063 and PRA2017-00159 related to one or more of these parcels. PFR2022-00045 references Project Name “Breton 12-lot final plat preliminary review.” Since there is nothing on the recorder’s website yet, we’d like to get a copy of the plat from the City.

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8/23/2022-Emailed records via Hightail link. AA