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My neighbor Jim Earl at 20010 SE 32nd ST, Sammamish WA 98075 has been cutting trees and removing vegetation in a "no disturbance" area for decades. This "no disturbance" area is my back yard and is on a hill. His trespassing has damaged and weakened the hill and my wife and I are concerned that his house may fall down the hill into our house. Trees have already fallen on our house due to his continued trespassing. One of the trees he has topped in years past actually rotted on the inside and fell on our house and deck causing much damage and cost to us. We have photos and a report from a master arborist confirming that the rot was caused because of the topping of our tree. We did not top it. On 7/25/06 the city came out upon my request and caught him in the act of this damaged. REF: ATF Permit for Clearing & Grading, BLD2006-00716 Parcel # 0824069125 Code Violation Correction. Mr Earl was suppose to water the foliage and trees he was required to plant on my property but he never did and it all died. Mr Earl has had several code violations over the years. In 2002 Mr Earl had his yard workers cut at least a dozen trees on my property and several of the cut logs rolled down our hill into our lower yard and deck area. When I approached him he first denied it and used some very derogatory words towards me. Recently he has constructed a fence on the hill on my property and removed and limbed branches to enhance his view. When we bought our house in 2001 we had no idea there was a house up on our hill behind us because there was so much vegetation. But now we see his house clearly and his lights every night. Please send me a copy of the current code violation by Mr Earl and what action is required on his part, this time. I spoke with Barb Canfield (Code compliance Officer) on 7/28/22 and she said she has assessed my complaint and I can request a Public Records Request.. Thank you, Dave & Heidi Pear

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8/1/2022-Emailed that there are no responsive records. AA