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Seeking records that classify the current wetland behind our house. According to Sammamish Unified Development Code SDC 21.03.020.Y.1.b.ii., and based off of classifications from the state Department of Ecology, wetlands can be classified Category 1 to Category 4 in Western Washington, along with different habitat scores that determine what is the buffer between building and the wetland edge. We want to find out whether biologists have done a previous report of this wetland as part of a past building permit for any of the properties that surround and abut the wetland, and has already classified the wetland and scored the habitat. If so, we would want to see the record of that to avoid doing repeat work. This wetland is roughly located between Pacific Estates, Deer Park and Summer Ridge neighborhoods, and is ringfenced by NE 21st St, 229th Ave NE, and 223rd Ave NE. More specifically, it is the wetland directly north of my property at 22924 NE 21st St. Most likely location, if a report exists, rests with the archives of the permit center and Building Division.

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7/27/2022-Sent installment via email. AA