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My house construction was permitted in 1989. My house is the last house built on the private road portion of SE 14th Street (that area east of 248th Ave SE that is private). This private road is still ONLY serviced for landline telephone by Century Link. King County would have entered into a franchise agreement with Century Link at some point 1975 -- 1989 to allow for the installation of Century Link telephone lines -- and later data line like DSL. King County's agreement with Century LInk, formerly known as U.S. West and Qwest Communications, is commonly called a "Franchise Agreement" because the telecoms of the 70's and 80s were given the utility franchise in an area in exchange for certain promises contained in the document. I want a copy of all agreements related to telephone service to my house and the private road neighborhood I live in.

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7/13/2022-Sent five day response. Estimated installment 7/27/2022. AA 8/4/2022- Updated estimated installment 8/8/2022. AA 8/8/2022-Sent email that there are no responsive records. AA