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Scott Hamilton

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Consider this an addendum to PRR 4612. I request all the supporting documents that form the basis of the 40-page Rudat Investigation Report released pursuant to a PRR on June 17, 2022. This includes all facts, findings, memos, notes, interview notes and summaries and any other document regardless of whether in written, audio or electronic form.

Status Detail

7/18/2022-Sent five day response. Estimated installment date 8/5/2022. AA 8/5/2022-Updated estimated installment 8/9/2022. AA 8/9/2022-Sent installment to PRR 4612 via Hightail link (duplicate to 4614). AA 8/10/2022-Requester confirmed via email that 4612 & 4614 are to be combined. Estimated next installment for PRR 4612 8/26/22. AA