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Kevin Anderson

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I have received a Notice of Neighborhood meeting scheduled for June 29, 20222. In order to prepare, I would like to request the following records as soon as possible. If available I am requesting any permits, plans and communications. Any and all records related to the development of Parcels; 1240100006, 1240100010, 1240100011, 1240100012, 1240100013. Additionally, any City plans that impact NE 14th Place between 212th Ave NE and the CDS Bulb on NE 14th Place and any city plans that impact 212th Ave NE between NE 14th Place and NE 16th Street. Please include records between July 1, 2021 and June 13,2022. Thank you for your efforts.

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6/15/2022 - Sent records via Hightail. TB