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seyed safavian

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I would like to; 1- Receive and document the city has on its latest Concurrency modeling analysis that the city consultant has developed and tested. 2- Receive a list of concurrency roadway segments and intersections. 3- Receive any traffic safety analysis for various roadways and intersections in the city. 4- Access to any traffic count and turning movement data the city collects on regular basis. I know there is one survey is currently underway, but was looking for previous counts. Thank you

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6/3/2022-Sent five day response. Estimated installment date 6/24/2022. AA 6/17/2022 - Sent records via Hightail. TB 6/27/2022- Sent installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 7/6/2022. AA 6/28/2022-Sent installment via Hightail. AA