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supplemental request to PRR #2439.  This request for information includes, but is not limited to all records dating back to 01/01/2008 through the present, relating to any planting, landscaping, inspections, maintenance, or repairs, including but not limited to any reports of injury, photographs, correspondence, emails, memos, work orders, notice of defects and any other documents or things that pertain in any way to the sidewalk located at the referenced site per the initial request. 

6/6/2022-Clarification: The time frame for request #4542 is 01/01/2013 to the present for the area referenced in the initial request.

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6/1/2022-Sent five day response. Estimated installment 6/29/2022. AA 6/29/2022-Sent installment via Hightail. Estimated installment 7/13/22. AA 7/12/2022-Sent second installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 8/5/2022. AA 8/3/2022-Sent installment via Hightail link. Estimated next installment 8/12/2022. AA 8/15/2022-Sent installment via Hightail link. AA