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We currently live at 1204 E Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Sammamish, WA.  There has been a house under construction that shares our driveway and sits directly south of our house.  They have an easement across our driveway to get to their house.  I believe they are foreign investors and rarely show up and almost no progress has been made for several years.  It has been under construction for almost 6 years and I'm certain permits have expired many times.  We are interested in contacting the owners to make an offer on the house/project in order to complete it.


I understand the inspection reports, as well as the contact information, is made available to the public.  How do we get that information?  Are you able to send it to us?


Thank you,


Janet Hild

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5/10/2022 - Emailed requested documents. TB