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Recently the City of Sammamish replaced the Zackuse Creek culvert under East Lake Sammamish Parkway and realigned 400-feet of Zackuse Creek on my parcel 322506-9021 at 202 East Lake Sammamish Parkway NE. The project substantially moved the creek channel and associated wetlands. In May last year Pace Engineers of Kirkland submitted a BLA application on my behalf involving this parcel. One of the supporting documents submitted with the BLA application was a wetland delineation of this parcel by Altmann Oliver Associates of Carnation. The City of Sammamish's review of my BLA application requested that we have a qualified professional review the current wetland situation and confirm that conditions have not changed. Obviously, the City's culvert replacement project and creek realignment changed the creek channel and associated wetlands. Accordingly, I am requesting that the City provide me with any and all records or maps delineating the new channel of Zackuse Creek and its associated buffers following its recent realignment by the City's contractors; and any and all records of wetland surveys and associated buffers that may have been conducted following the City's realignment of Zackuse Creek. Thank you, Wally Pereyra

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5/9/2022- Sent five day response. Estimated installment date 5/13/2022. AA 5/13/2022-Sent installment via Hightail. AA