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Do they have a copy of the survey you requested on 1/21/22, attached to the current building permit?  I also have never seen any land survey outside of the topographical map.  The property is noted as having questionable lateral boundaries and uses different degrees as referenced on the topographical study than the angles under the degrees listed in the land description.  I think it would be a requirement to provide a survey showing the lateral boundaries as described in the deeds in order to establish the accuracy of the setbacks on the shoreline which are required to be 15% or 25.5’ each or if as argued in the hearing for the variance could be combined allowing for 11’ on northern side and 40’ on the southern property line.  This is a required side setback when the variance was granted (15% of the width of the lot with a minimum of 5’ or in the case using averaging 11’ + 40’ for a total of 51’).  This is discussed in the Hex document attached by Jasvir and is a requirement in the SMP, which can only be reduced by a variance reviewed and approved by the DOE. 


The neighboring property to the south, 202506-9085, does not appear it was held to this if the side setback to the south is only 6’ leaving the required set back established by the SMP’s when the variance was approve to be 25’ for the property line on the south (31’ total if using averaging 6 + 25).  This would require a separation of 65’ between the two properties.  This should be reflected on a formal survey showing the boundary lines using the measurements contained in the tideland deeds, the properties are entirely with the shorelands, which are transferred based upon the transfer from the state of WA state and governed by the restriction contained in SMP’s and SMA.  The distance between the two homes does not appear to 65’ and no variance from the side property line setback requirements was granted in the variance contained in the hex document.  Setbacks established in the SMP’s on a shoreline of statewide significance require review and approval by the DOE to be reduced.  Did they get a separate variance for the reduction of the side setbacks do the property line setbacks between parcel 202506-9085 & 202506-9071 total 65’ between the two properties?


Does a survey of the property lines using the measurements described in their deed exist?  Was this property allowed to be permitted without providing evidence through an official boundary survey for a property that states the lateral boundary lines are questionable and a topographical survey that utilizes different angles of measurement than provided in the property description without providing a survey showing consistency with the legal description?   Please let me know so I can include this in my request if it exists.  If not please confirm it was not required and confirm the distance of the side setbacks is the required 65’.


I have been trying to obtain the height survey requested by Mr. Kirkland on 1/21/22.

Is there any other survey that was required to ensure the property is within the setback requirements?  Did the neighboring parcel 202506-9085 have a boundary line survey prior to the completion of the home?  If not how was the city able to ensure the averaging method used to gain the SSDP was applied prior to approving the required setback established for building on the shoreline of Lake Sammamish as established in the Shoreline Master Program (SMP)?

I would like to see the most current documentation for the building permit, BLD2018-01556.  I would also like copies of the other required related permits both federal and state as well as permission from the Native American tribes for the work that has been completed to this point.

 Please provide data for the additional permits that have recently been issued for the same property ASAP or and at least the rationale when the SSDP stated the land already had utilities and was based on land above water not what once was above water:






The withdrawn SSDP: SSDP2021-00409



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4/20/2022-Emailed documents and requested clarification. AA 4/25/2022-Received clarification. Estimated installment date 5/4/2022. AA 4/28/2022-Emailed documents via Hightail. AA