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Requested Documents: FileNo.: PLA2019-0094, KC tax id: 20250-69110,Our home and property ( lots 202506934 and 2025069132) are within in the Short Plat 883032 rec.1984, the previous owners Evans/Ferry submitted the Short plat alteration application in Aug. 2019, we have received notice in Nov. 2019. We have submitted our concerns not only in the Public Comment Period ( deadline 18th Dec.2019) also throughout the last years. In March 2021 the lot 20250-6934 and lot 20250-69083 were sold to Mrs. Chandrruangphen, the process is ongoing without notifying Neighbors about its stauts. Please could you provide: Any documentations, notices, appeals, new preliminary plan set, critical area study, extension of review, change of ownership notice, emails, Short Plat changes, alterations, variances that are in connection with FileNo.: PLA2019-0094, KC tax id: 20250-69110, 20250-69083. Mrs Chandurruanghen also owner of lot Tax ID 2025-69101 bordering south of Short Plat 883032 .What is the current status of of the Notice on the status on the Non buiding lot: 20250-691100 and lot 20250-69083? Has the application time expired? Any new requests for public records?

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4/18/2022- No new responsive records. AA