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Melissa Harjo

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Hello I have tried to call a couple times but couldn't catch anyone. My elderly father has gotten a couple notices over the last ten years regarding property in Sammamish that it says he owns but he doesnt't. The last notice is a lien notice for construction. The address noted is 637 E Lake Sammamish Parkway SE, Sammamish. The notice is from Rohillco Business Service LLC in Oregon on behalf of MacPherson Construction and Design LLC. I was wondering if you could do some digging for me. It is just so odd that it has happened a few times. The first time I said it was a scam and to throw it away, but now it is a few times in the past 10 years so I am hoping to dig a little deeper. My cell number is listed. If someone could call me I would appreciate it. My dad is worried about this. Thank you so much! Melissa

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4/13/2022- No responsive records. AA