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Lu Jones

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#1. I am requesting a digital copy of ALL the code enforcement cases in Sammamish for 2018-current date 2022. #2. Please provide digital records (for closed cases please provide all settlement details) for the following case numbers from 2014-2017: Case CVC2014-00037 CVC2014-00066 CVC2014-00080 CVC2014-00086 CVC2014-00089 CVC2014-00091 CVC2014-00102 CVC2014-00104 CVC2014-00112 CVC2014-00113 CVC2015-00002 CVC2015-00010 CVC2015-00014 CVC2015-00018 CVC2015-00022 CVC2015-00062 CVC2015-00065 CVC2015-00067 CVC2016-00103 CVC2016-00019 CVC2016-00025 CVC2016-00039 CVC2016-00046 CVC2016-00052 CVC2016-00070 CVC2016-00085 CVC2016-00086 CVC2016-00106 CVC2016-00119 CVC2017-00039 CVC2017-00042 CVC2017-00067 CVC2017-00094 CVC2017-00095 CVC2017-00097 CVC2017-00100 CVC2017-00101 CVC2017-00104 CVC2017-00122 Thanks so much. Lu Jones

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4/4/2022- Sent 5 day response. First installment expected 4/18/2022. AM 4/11/2022-Sent first installment via Hightail. Next installment estimated 5/2/2022. AA 5/2/2022-Sent second installment via Hightail. Next installment estimated 5/9/2022. AA 5/6/2022-Sent final installment via Hightail. AA