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Deltek is submitting a public records request to City of Sammamish for commercial purposes. Would a representative please provide the information relating to the solicitation below? If available, please include any awarded contract documents and bid tabulation/results. Project Name: FEE ANALYSIS Bid Number: Unknown Due Date: 5/20/2021 Contract Number: Awarded Vendor Name: Awarded Vendor Address: Awarded Vendor Phone: Award Amount: Award Date: Start Date: End Date: Contract Terms: Contract Document: Please confirm receipt of this request and advise (in advance) if a fee will be required. If this request was misrouted, please forward to the correct contact and/or reply to this email with the appropriate contact information. Digital/email responses are preferred; if hard copies must be sent, please send to: Rhea Mae Lumanog, Deltek c/o P.O. Box 368, Depew, NY 14043. Regards, Rhea Mae Lumanog Public Records Requests Deltek, Inc. 2291 Wood Oak Drive, Herndon VA 20171

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3/30/2022- Sent 5 day response. First installment expected 4/18/2022. AM 4/18/2022- Emailed documents. AA