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Regarding permit number SFR LOT 1 SUKHORUKOV Please provide copy of any records relating to the inspection record on 03-04-2022 PW - RECORDED CONVENANT AND EASEMENT 3/4/2022 APPROVED RDAV and the reasoning and results for - Notes: Please contact Leon 206-886-4769 Please provide copy of all records related to the inspection record on 03-16-2022 FINAL** 3/16/2022 CORRECTION REQUIRED JTED and the reasoning and results for - Notes: Please call Leon Prior inspection to make sure 206-886-4769 1. Address must be posted on house and visible from the street 2. Guard rail on deck must resist 200lbs of lateral force in any direction 3. Remove range hood ductwork and patch siding. No ADU without planning approval. 4. Hot water at kitchen sink 5. Caulk fixtures 6. Master bath 7. Provide roof height survey in accordance with permit condition 8 I have an outstanding inquiry with planning regarding landscape and tree replanting. I will send additional corrections if needed Please provide list of any and all conditions for this permit. Please provide copy of the tree replanting plan, including and include any records for replant in the Sensitive Area Tract 102406TR_A.. Please provide copy of the list of removed trees permits and any fines, fees, bonds applied. Please provide copy on all communication with 23700 address contractor, homeowner, other for the SFR permit regarding where ROW2022-00345 was needed to repair utility. Provide the responsible payor for this permit and any costs associated. Please provide any and all records and communication to explain why this contractor and workers continue to use the neighbor driveway without permission to leave the site as the ROW is completed for 23700. Restoration cannot be scheduled while this permit is still being allowed this access. Thank you, Karen Herring

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3/25/2022- Sent documents via Hightail and email. AM