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Requested Documents: FileNo.: PLA2019-0094, KC tax id: 2025069110,Our home and property ( lots 202506934 and 2025069132) are within in the Short Plat 883032 rec.1984, the previous owners Evans/Ferry submitted the Short plat alteration application in Aug. 2019, we have received notice in Nov. 2019. We have submitted our concerns not only in the Public Comment Period ( deadline 18th Dec.2019) also throughout the last years. In March 2021 the lot 202506934 was sold to Mrs. Chandrruangphen, the process is ongoing without notifying Neighbors about its stauts. Please could you provide: Any documentations, notices, appeals, new preliminary plan set, critical area study, extension of review, change of ownership notice, emails, Short Plat changes, alterations, variances that are in connection with FileNo.: PLA2019-0094, KC tax id: 2025069110. Has the application time expired? There is a new request for public records. View the public records request list to view the details.

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3/15/2022- Sent first installment and sought clarification. AM