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Parcel No. 679510-0663-02 : Please provide a site plan for our property (BLD 2001-0184 to include the location of the water main to meter line. I spoke to Tony on Feb 25 at the City of Sammamish and he identified the document in box DCD 380. The reason for this request is Sammamish Plateau Water sent us a letter that we have a leak of approx 1.25 cubic feet per hour. We've turned off our main water line to the house as well as the sprinkler system and the meter is continuing to run thus confirming the leak must be between the meter and the house. I've put an inquiry with 811 - Call before you dig at the suggestion of Tony as well. They have confirmed receipt already. Please expedite if possible. I can pick this up at City Hall anytime. Thank you.

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3/3/2022- Sent 5 day response. First installment expected 3/23/2022. TB 3/10/2022 -Emailed documents. TB