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Council Members have been using external channels for communication with citizens/residents including but not limited to: WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, Telegram, etc. I would like to receive copies of all communications and copies of telephone call logs/ lists of calls made to citizens from all Council Members since 2019 with any resident using any of these or similar channels inc. WeChat etc. channels.

(Request amended via email 1/29/2022) 

(Clarification made 6/24/22)

The encrypted devices would be special phones calling - the encrypted messaging  and phone channels would include:

calls and messages on: WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Messenger (Facebook), etc. or similar- not the daily city or personal emails. Also not asking for Council personal phone line SMS messages. 


If however, they are using someone else's phone (friend, child spouse, significant other)  or device to make the calls on their behalf that would be "hiding" their use that would also be akin to cloaking, encrypting and would want those.

Status Detail

2/4/2022- Sent 5 day response. First installment expected 2/28/2022. KK 2/28/2022 - Sent first installment. Second installment expected 3/14/2022. KK 3/14/2022- Sent second installment via Hightail. Third installment expected 3/28/2022. KK 3/28/2022- Sent third installment via Hightail. Fourth installment expected 4/11/2022. KK 4/11/2022-Sent updated installment estimate of 4/25/22. AA 4/25/2022-Sent updated installment estimate of 5/25/22. AA 5/25/2022-Fourth installment sent via Hightail. Requested clarification. Estimated next installment 6/8/2022. AA 6/8/2022-Fifth installment sent via Hightail. Estimated next installment 6/22/2022. AA 6/21/2022-Sixth installment sent via Hightail. Estimated next installment 7/19/2022. AA 6/24/2022-Requested clarification. AA 7/15/2022-Sent seventh installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 8/15/2022. AA 8/15/2022-Emailed requestor, outstanding N.A's not received. AA 8/31/2022-Sent eighth installment via Hightail link. Estimated next installment 9/23/2022.AA 9/22/2022-Sent ninth installment via Hightail link. Awaiting N.A's from former Mayor and Councilmembers. AA 10/18/2022-Sent tenth installment via Hightail link. Estimated next installment 10/31/22. AA 10/31/2022-Sent eleventh installment via Hightail link. AA 11/4/2022-Eamiled requestor that PRR is re-opened and requested clarification. AA 12/1/2022-Sent installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 12/16/2022. AA