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Want final version of letter that was sent (postal mailed?) by City of Sammamish to a portion of Tamarack owners sometime between mid-Dec 2016 and 1Q2017. Content regarded the MAP change to the Landslide Hazard Drainage Area (LHDA "yellow" overlay) so that 211th & 210th Pl/Ave SE/NE homes or lots are part of LHDA and Critical Drainage Areas by adopted O2016-428 SWDM and related code changes effective 1/1/2017. Believe Tawni Dalziel former Sr. Stormwater Program Manager would have initiated or executed this. (McOmber at #15 210th PL SE recalls having received one.)

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1/25/2022- Sent 5 day response. First installment expected 2/4/2022. KK 2/4/2022- No responsive records. KK