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Miki mullor

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All versions and drafts of the city managers report presented to city council in the December 14 2021 meeting. Also include all communications between Stephanie rudat, David rudat and Celia wu in related to the city manager reports including text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger on any device. To the degree the Stephanie rudat is acting as an agent of the city, consider all communications between Stephanie rudat and layna crofts public records and include those in this prr.

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1/18/2022- Sent 5 day response. First installment expected 2/28/2022. KK 2/28/2022- Sent YouTube link. Next installment expected 3/2/2022. KK 3/2/2022 - Sent second installment. Third installment expected 3/9/2022. KK 3/9/2022 - Sent third installment. Fourth installment expected 3/16/2022. KK 3/16/2022 - Sent fourth installment. KK