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Karen Herring

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Please provide copy on the following items, converting any msg records to PDF or word. 1. Resignation notification from / for Ken Gamblin 2. City announcement of resignation of Council member Gamblin and the list of new Member appointments being considered. 3. All Communications from / to Ken Gamblin including emails, social media, phone, and mailings from June 2021 to present day. Thank you

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1/13/2022- Sent first installment. Second installment expected 2/28/2022. KK 2/28/2022 - Sent second installment. Third installment expected 3/2/2022. KK 3/2/2022- Sent third installment. Fourth installment expected 3/16/2022. KK 3/16/2022- Sent fourth installment. Fifth installment expected 3/18/2022. KK 3/18/2022- Sent fifth installment. Sought clarification. Sixth installment expected 4/8/2022. KK 3/21/2022- Received clarification. Sixth installment now expected 3/29/2022. KK 3/29/2022- Sent sixth installment. Seventh installment expected 4/1/2022. KK 4/1/2022- Sent seventh installment. Eighth installment expected 4/8/2022. KK 4/8/2022- Sent eighth installment. Ninth installment expected 4/14/2022. KK 4/14/2022- Sent ninth installment. Tenth installment expected 4/18/2022. KK 4/18/2022- Sent tenth installment. Eleventh installment expected 4/21/2022. KK 4/19/2022- Closed request per requestor. KK