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Requesting documents related to records request #4205 with the request topic of "Requesting all communication with the home owner at 3631 248th Pl SE relating to the code compliance made on 9/3/2021, referenced by complaint CVC2021-00150. Also requesting communication related to the issuing of the fence building permit issued in October to the same address as well as the Compliance By Date that was issued by Savannah Hutchins." In the returned documents, SHutchins@sammamish.us_12.09.2021_RE CVC2021-00150.pdf referenced a Compliance By Date which had been communicated to the property owner at 3631 248th Pl SE by Savannah Hutchins in the permitting office. I'm looking for record of that communication, specifically the date that was shared and any enforcement plan if the date is not met.

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1/10/2022- Sent documents via Hightail. KK