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Hello! I've been informed there is some kind of complaint for our home in Sammamish from code enforcement for the City of Sammamish. Could you please send me any documentation related to the following items? - expired building permit (for an additional kitchen downstairs) - expired temporary certificate of occupancy - unregistered accessory dwelling unit Thanks very much for your help! Best Regards, George Atherton.

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1/10/2022- Sent first installment. Second installment expected 1/14/2022. KK 1/13/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 1/21/2022. KK 1/21/2022- Sent second installment. Third installment expected 1/27/2022. KK 1/27/2022- Sent third installment and sought clarification. KK 2/4/2022- Received clarification to close request. KK