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Subject: SMC Fees and Permits costs for any organizations requesting and hosting “Homeless Encampments” in the City of Sammamish, paid to the City of Sammamish. Thank you for your assistance. Request copies of document records specifying filing fees required for payment, and actual proof of payment of fees, for the Tent City 4 Homeless Encampments beginning during calendar year 2017 and continual through 2020, as indicated in “SMC 21A.70.195 Temporary homeless encampment use permit… (k) Application filing fees in an amount established by City resolution.” Please include total Temporary Use Permit costs applied beyond SMC permit filing fees. Please note if a required $1360 Temporary Use Permit fee was applied to Tent City 4, at any time. The City of Sammamish does not have a 501 reduced rate in the fee schedule as of July 2020, so if in the event no fees were collected, please indicate by what legal rationale and discussion or unofficial/official correspondence for any decision to NOT IMPOSE OR WAIVE ANY FEES was determined as is otherwise required per SMC and/or City resolution. Please reference sites inside the City of Sammamish during approved occasions of Tent City 4 located at Mary Queen of Peace Church and Faith United Methodist Church, both being "R" zoned parcels. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully, Jon Gerace

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1/5/2021- 5 day response sent. First installment due 1/26/2021. AK 1/26/2021- 1st installment sent. Next due 2/9/2021. AK 2/8/2021- Emailed seeking clarification. AK 3/9/2021- Close PRR. AK