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Hello PRR Team, Please send me the materials sent for these PRR's: #3615 – (Amato) List of Subdivisions communities and list of HOA’s. #3613 – (Mullor). – List of docs by STCA to hearing Examiner in 12.20. #3611- (Cutter) – Ledger approvals by Rudat in 2020 for under 50K. (Some info sent, some still due). #3606- (Mullor) – Eckles “stormwater, STCA, TC”. (Some info sent, some still due). #3605- (Rajaraman) –Permits of ongoing and completed projects in TC. #3602- (Mullor) – Doc’s relied on for Elekes in making stormwater statement. #3600- (Mullor) – Copy of latest draft of EIS, Gerend Case V/C, Comp Plan and Code amendments. #3597– (Amato) Authorized Positions tables going back through 15-16 budget. #3589– (Amato) Accounts in budget, revenue, restricted and unrestricted and source of funds.

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12/28/2020- 5 day response sent. Installment due 1/11/2021. AK 1/6/2021- Sent first installment. AK 1/7/2021- Emailed final installment. AK