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My name is Marybeth McCarthy and I am a student in The Evergreen State College’s MPA Program (Master in Public Administration). As part of a research project on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives, I am making this formal public records requests to your city, Sammamish, for the items below. I prefer to have all records sent electronically to the email address included in this request. Thank you! Marybeth McCarthy 1. City workforce data (demographics) 2. Employee survey results and analysis 3. Recruitment process and practices 4. HR reports 5. Data of employee salaries and job titles (if not available on website) 6. Evaluation results of DEI programs 7. Documents about DEI plans or programs

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12/24/2020- Sought clarification due 1/25/2021. AK 12/28/2020- Re-sent clarification again after responder's response. AK 1/25/2021- Emailed first installment. Next due 3/25/2021. AK 3/25/2021- Emailed final installment. AK