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Sheila LaRussa

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All documents related to any building plan, utility installation or permit issued related to the property located at 3015 E Lake Sammamish Parkway SE, Lake Sammamish WA, King County Parcel Number 724069006-04. Including, but limited to, all permits for building or landscaping issued to or on behalf of Tracy Neighbors, Barbara Neighbors, George Rumberger or Kathleen Rumberger.

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1/23/2020- 5 day response sent. First installment due 1/18/2021. AK 1/15/2021- Next installment due 2/22/2021. AK 2/19/21 - Provided new next installment date of March 12, 2021. - TCM 3/12/2021- Next installment date 3/19/2021. AK 3/19/2021- Emailed update. AK 3/26/2021- Sent files via Hightail. AK