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I am looking for information on two permits recorded on Parcel 202506-9025, but the trees that were removed are in tract A of SHP20000-058 (REC 20050708900026). Is this the standard practice when the trees are in a tract within a short plat to record it on the parcel that is closest to the tract? Are the two permits below for the removal of the same tree or for two different trees? It looks like one is to determine the tree is a hazard and the other is the permit needed to actual remove the tree, but I was not sure and was hoping you could clarify. I sent the question yesterday to the planner listed but just in case he is out I wanted to see if someone could confirm. The two permits I need the records for including the application, arborist reports including any planting plans provided for either if separate. If it is possible I am also hoping to find out if they are they for the same tree or two different trees as mentioned above. HAZTR2019-04418 Application: 9/5/2019 Description: REMOVE ONE TREE Status: COMPLETE (Review) UNHTR2019-04805 Application: 9/27/2019 Description: REMOVE ONE UNHEALTHY TREE Approved: 9/27/2019 Applicant: ROBERT HAMILTON Status: APPROVED (Reviewed and Approved but not Issued) I appreciate your assistance. Thank you Aurora Merchant

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12/15/2020- Sent via hightail documents. AK