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Requesting a ledger of financial approvals that were completed by City Manager Rudat in 2020 for amounts under $50,000. Need information to include who the payment was made to, the amount and a description of service or purpose. This request can be limited to third party contracted services, consultants, expense reports/reimbursements, legal services. If it's easier, please divide the request into quarters. Thank you!


Dec 10, 2020 at 1:26 PM CM Cutter <> wrote:

I am requesting the dollar amount, to whom payment was made and requestor/employee if it's different than the recipient. Examples contract for third party service provider might be initiated by a staff member, or an employ purchase or pays for service with city credit card.


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12/10/2020- Sought clarification. AK 12/16/2020- First installment sent. Second installment due 2/12/2021. AK 2/12/2021- Second installment sent. Next installment due 3/1/2021. AK 3/1/2021- Emailed next installment date of 3/9/2021. AK 3/2/2021- Third installment sent. Next due 4/1/2021. AK 4/1/2021- Final installment sent. AK